Come Write For Us

We firmly believe that the best articles are written by fellow Grinnell college students. Conveniently, Grinnell College students are also the only people we are allowed to hire to write articles. So… come write for us!

No experience necessary (we are serious – don’t think you can’t write it or that you are too unfunny. We believe in you. You can do it. Now be funny!). Come to our meetings, bounce ideas around, write the most humorous article that has ever been written in the history of mankind, and then get paid for it!

Why you should write for us

  • Automatic gain in reputation
  • Get loads of money ($15 per short article: $20 per long article)
  • Karma will reward you unto the end of time
  • It’s fun!
  • Bragging rights
  • Develop soft skills which will allow you to critically engage with the world around you in a meaningful and intentional way.

We publish on a bi-weekly basis every Friday. The deadline to submit articles is Wednesday evening before the Friday we publish. If you manage to submit it earlier, we can get back to you with feedback.

Writing lengths are 350 words for a short article, and 500-550 words for a long article.


Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 8PM in JRC 220. Come by to talk about ideas (or generate new ones). Gain some inspiration. Form a part of the marvellous B&S family.

Also, while we recommend going to meetings, they are not necessary – if you feel Baubo flow through you, then let her loose, write an article, and send it in!

Writing tips

Have an idea but don’t know how to materialize it? Have no experience but want to gain some? Writing an article and want to make sure it is the epitome of perfection? Look no further for you have come to the right spot! Here are some tips on how to write the best satirical article:

Start with the idea. Be ridiculous. Surprise yourself. Go against stereotypes. What’s happened on campus? What would never, ever, ever happen on campus? Find what everyone on campus likes to complain about, and then ridicule it.

A question we almost always get has to do with political correctness, and how far we are able to go. Our only hard rule is that we do not call out individuals in real life, so fake names wherever possible and avoiding stories that mock a single individual. We also tend to avoid making fun of disadvantaged/marginalized groups on campus. If you do have doubts over whether your article is too edgy or controversial, hit us up at [fakepapr] and we can have a discussion about it. Or write the article, send it in, and we’ll get back to you on our opinion on whether it’s ok to run it or “OH GOD NO ABORT I REPEAT ABORT” and why.

Keep the style of a regular news article. The purpose of a satirical newspaper is to sound and feel like a real newspaper, such that a very very VERY stupid person would think that we are an actual newspaper reporting on real life events. Write in third person – avoid first person and narrative story telling (we are writing funny articles, not funny short stories). Make it sound professional – the content is where the humor is at, not the style it is written in. Read mainstream news articles, or other satirical newsites (eg for inspiration.

In line with this, a common mistake we see is authors not keeping a constant time frame and place. Eg A building is currently being built, and in the same article talk about how the building has been in place for two weeks and people’s opinion on it. Keep constant time frame and location.

Write more rather than less. The go-to rule is: it’s easier to cut than to add. If you think that you are writing too much, don’t cut yourself short. We’d rather have an article that’s too long and need to cut it down than an article that’s too short and then have to add new jokes to it.