The Grinnell campus community was invited to participate in an event celebrating the current various construction projects all around us all the time. Although some students were skeptical at first, the celebration proved to be an overwhelming success with satisfied students from all over campus engaging in the fun.

“I imagined there would be some type of interactive aspect but I had no idea it would be so immersive.” recalls Joel Kinsen ‘19, “They gave me a bright yellow safety vest and full reign to operate that phallic giant I have been gawking over all semester.”

Charlotte Kilmer ‘20, another student who participated in the celebration, reflects on her experience, “I guess I thought there would be some kind of failsafe when they started letting students operate the heavy machinery without any training or experience. Nope, they just let us have at it. I pushed rocks, lifted beams, and dug holes for almost six hours and enjoyed every minute of it; three days later, $145 showed up in my paycor account. I would say it was an overall pleasant experience.”

“My favorite part was the handprint station! We were given the chance to cover our hands in the fresh, sticky blood of some Carleton alums and slap our paws up on a big white board to pledge our allegiance to this institution.” George Ponsic ‘17 recounts, “As a fourth year, I have been thinking a lot about the legacy I will be leaving on the Grinnell College campus. I am grateful for the opportunity to immortalize my handprint on this bulky and impermanent plywood piece of GC history.”

“The selfie station was a once in a lifetime spectacle. The ‘x’ haphazardly placed on the concrete in front of Noyce told me exactly where to stand to get the perfect shot of my underexposed face next to the overexposed crane. Ideal, Truly a blessing.” Maria Brackette ‘19 reports fondly. “I have loved everything about the construction zone since it was erected earlier this year. It is high that time this aesthetically pleasing addition to our campus gets the attention it deserves. Students are clearly ‘digging’ all of this construction and the administration has finally taken notice. As a proud resident of Clark Pit, I am glad that they have expanded the upheaval to Mac field and Park street so I can get in on the fun even when I am at home.”