Deidra walked in the shade, taking care to avoid the bright luminescent sun that cradled its way across the sky. The protesters around her infuriated her: how could petty mortals ever hope to match the iridescent thoughts that nested inside the deep catacombs of a vampyres mind? She walked and walked, spinning her way through the crowd, until she saw who she was looking for: Percival Muckerfort the THIRD. The man who had betrayed her. The man who had taken the dark essence of her heart and sold it to some creep on Ebay. The man who had slept with her sister in a multitude of occasions. The man with a soft heart who spent his time tending to mortal needs, even though he himself was a vampire hunter, which was technically a mortal and so it would make sense that he would care about mortal needs, but not so much because he was a vampire hunter. The man she was meant to kill.

Deedje made her way through the crowd, dodging signs, nimbly spinning her way out of sunlight, knowing calmly she was not in a rush. But as she removed her overly large sunglasses, Deiighre caught sight of the one person she never expected to see. . . Exactly . . . You Guessed It . . . Her Ex-Boyfriend, PERCY The 3RD.

DocMartens set out on Main street to catch a seething sense of intense power that came with protesting. With poster in claw, Dadedidodu set to the streets. But alas! Who was in her way, but Percivus! “Hath thou dare protest this very important issue without me?” Percivus. Usually in this situation, she would be thwarted, but Dweeeeeeeeeeeeb did not give her ex lover a second look because right behind Pinpo was a familiar stench. The stench of vampire blood.

Dviendra sharpened her poster stick with her tongue and ran right past the weak Percivus who was writing with anger.

Doctorwho ran after the smell of bubbling non-blood, leaving the protest behind. How could she possibly think of a protest at a time like this. She had to leave the politically active minds and seek the un-dead that tempted her curved and cold nose so tenderly.

“Stop! I demand you freeze your feet tentacles at once! Dubstep screeched. “I said! Stahp! Omg.” But the undead temptress did not stop running. Dungreed felt a cold swift breeze tickle her left thigh. At this very point Duster had completely abandoned the

social activism that she had tried so hard to break into.

Dredyl couldn’t stop screaming!! This is what I came here for, she shrieked, in her mind. Her obsidian black hair flew in the wind as she spun on her dark black stiletto combat boots, protest sign in hand. “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!!” she bellowed, her ivory fangs bared and her eyes bloodshot and red. Everyone around her was astonished by the magnitude of her passion. “That’s right,” Dropout thought. “I’ll disrupt my life for the causes I care about, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

Dugtrio pulled out her weapon of choice, her anti-Vampire crossbow shotgun, and fired it directly at the heart of the fascist scum she swore to resist: her ex-boyfriend, Percivial Rex the III. Her heart, if she had one, would be pounding. Not with fear, but with righteous, red hot civic pride. Percivial fell to the ground and her fellow protestors cheered. Deigyigas put her hand to her hollow chest, and thought of the promise she made to herself all those years ago: to be the change she wanted to see.