In attempt to increase inclusivity on campus, the Grinnell College administration has unveiled a new social media platform, Plans First, which will unite current students with alumni who have engaged in blatant racism and harassment of students based on race, gender, or sexual orientation.

“For all the talk about openness on this campus, there is not a real platform for people to spew their hateful rhetoric or engage in appalling acts” said the Dean of Students “This can make students feel insecure and unsafe. By connecting them with alums who have engaged in these acts and still found success post-Grinnell, we hope to empower students to express their true selves and hide no longer.”

“As someone who has felt afraid to harass interracial couples with my bros in some classic banter, the existence of Plans First is a step in the right direction.” Says Stephen Yosefian ’19. “But it is only a step – this small battle might have been won, but the war is far from over.”

Plans First, in addition to providing networking features, will feature threads, which administrators hope students will be able to use to answer questions like how to deal with social expulsion when you have done a crime most people on campus consider heinous, or how to unapologetically deny involvement in said actions to as to be invited back to the Grinnell College community 50 years later.

The student body has had a mixed reaction to the announcement.

“Well, fascists have a right to express themselves.” Isaac Stelberg ’20 said. “Does my right to not be beaten up trump their freedom of speech? I don’t think so. That sounds like censorship right there. And the last thing we want is a vicious autocratic state limiting people’s freedom and their rights.”

Others have lobbied several complaints to the administration, which Presidente Reytoncito was quick to respond to.

“I understand the argument that there is fear in hearing their hateful, ugly rhetoric. But liberals need to toughen up and be open to alternative points of view. It isn’t as though rhetoric and words can actually lead to violence.” Presidente Reytoncito announced, as he and a group of volunteers tore down antifa posters in the South Loggia.