HARRIS – This Saturday marks the first ever Heart Harris, the beginning of a tradition anatomy themed weekend parties. Entirely by sheer coincidence, this week’s festivities align perfectly with the weekend after Valentine’s Day. Scheduling originally had the night of the 18th centered around the humble pancreas, but funding necessitated the switch to a more muscular organ.

The event coordinator, Karen Borscht ‘18, is hopeful about the coming weeks, ensuring that “organ parties are totally in the mainstream, and we’re covering it all; Heart Harris, Duodenum Harris, Parathyroid Harris, it’s going to be sick/ill!”

It appears that some members of the student body are equally as enthused about the upcoming, medically themed, substance free weekend entertainment. Malory Jenkins ’20 has spent over four months preparing her party outfit; “I’ve literally been crocheting my anatomical heart costume for like, a month now. I ran out of red yarn so I’m missing the left subclavian artery and the superior vena cava is a tiny bit too small but like the lights won’t be on and it’ll be dark outside and I’ll be dancing so hard hopefully nobody will notice.”

Although only the next three weeks of Human Organ Harris have been named, Borscht says we can expect to tour “the entirety of the human body.” We are told that we will make it all the way to Rectum Harris by the end of the semester. In the meantime, Borscht suggests “finishing up your heart related costumes, and prepare for the next weeks of fun!”

Reports indicate, however, that much of the student body is unaware of the new programming. Usain Rogers ‘18 is particularly excited about traditional Valentine’s Day activities. “We finally might have a good Valentine’s Day weekend at Grinnell. After [REDACTED] was cancelled last year and [REDACTED] failed, I’m looking forward to a wholesome Harris.” When asked about how he felt about the anatomical nature of this Harris, he responded “what?”

There are also those ambivalent to the theme as a whole, like Shelley Kang ’20, who stated, “I really don’t pay much attention to the Harris themes. Is it 2000s again? Is Red Light Green Light happening?” Francis Seamus ‘17 said, through barely intelligible sputtering coughs, that he was under the impression that the weekend party would be steroids themed. Upon concluding his statement, Seamus sprinted away at speeds exceeding approximately twenty-five miles per hour.

Despite SGA working tirelessly to promote their upcoming events, confusion still reigns. Borscht hopes that people will be more prepared for the next few events. “Liver Harris is going to be in about a month, and I think it’ll be my personal favorite,” said Borscht. When asked how “Liver Harris, was different than any other Harris, Borscht stated that the difference was this Harris was a “pro-liver” party., riris events.