Recently, a new student group has started on campus in response to anger about weekend life on Grinnell’s campus.

“It’s just too damn fun,” stated Rohan Mathews ‘17. “I don’t feel like I get enough consistency between the week and the weekend. The whole work hard, party hard, work hard, party hard…. honestly it’s exhausting. I’d rather just take a breather and work hard all the time. Of course, I brought the issue up to SGA to try and resolve this enormous need on campus.”

To further the controversy, some have accused SGA of attempting to make days of the week more like the weekend, by establishing official “Wellness Wednesdays” and funding study breaks in general.

“No, that’s not what we were looking for at all. We feel like the weekend is a bit too much as is. We’d much rather have the weekend be more like the regular school week than the other way around” expressed Karen Treemont ‘20.

SGA approved the newly formed [Week] group and gave the group a $5,000 budget with which to plan programming. When reached for a comment, an anonymous SGA cabinet member stated, “uhhhh… well….I guess if that’s what they want.”

Despite their late start, [Week] has planned events for weekends all the way through finals week. This past weekend, Week hosted the well attended “cry in Noyce for a few hours” program.

“This is exactly what I had wanted!” exclaimed Alex Jergin ‘18, wiping away tears from their eyes.

Said Mathews, “This is just the beginning of [Week]’s much anticipated programming. The highlights of the semester include Friday night mentor sessions, tedious seminars on Saturday evening, and even dining hall shifts that are required to run at least an hour overtime.”

Ahmed Max ’16 said, “We’re planning to increase programming as we get closer to finals week. For example, I think we are going to host a party where students will be encouraged to pull out their hair while eating stale flamin’ hot Cheetos from the Grill.”

[Week] has also begun to recruit professors to give special talks on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as extended assignments to be completed by Sunday at eight a.m. Week has been selective about the professors they are choosing to give talks though; only professors from Organic chemistry, Calculus, and Research Methods are permitted to participate in Week’s programming..

“I mean I love teaching so I guess I’ll do it? I’m not really sure why they want it, but I guess I can do it…” mused Ilana Osinski, Chemistry.

Some college alumni are similarly in favor of the idea. At the latest alumni reunion, many individuals lauded the initiative that the [Week] group has shown, and the direction that the college is moving in by funding the Week group.

Larry Sekalias ’14 said, “This is just what the college needs-more hard work and more seriousness! Four years at Grinnell gave me the impression that having fun on weekends was simply a fact of life. But now that I’m working as a Starbucks barista and in Grad school, I realize how false this belief was. A Grinnell education should prepare students for the real world and not baby them, and that involves learning it’s not legitimate to expect down time or taking mental breaks.”

Meanwhile, the [Week] group continues to gain members, and is looking for new leadership.

“Both my co-leader and I have high course loads this semester, so we need help from newcomers in order to keep the week in weekend,” said Ahmed.