Deirde paused… gasping for breath. She had forgotten that she no longer needed to breath due to her vampyreic nature. She knew she must keep running, for she could not stop. Deerri was on the run from the law.

Of course, she thought, as a cool breeze of the Night threaded through the air, she was not truly guilty of the crime. Dar Dar Binks had been guilty of many things, thought that was far in her past, when she was merely a vampyre and not yet a vampyre killing vampyre. But this, thought the lithe eternal teen, was different.

They had accused her of killing Percival her ex-beloved for the second time. She had killed him the first time, yes, because of his awful transformation, but when he was re-arisen she had not. Deirede had an sinking suspicion that the culprit was none other than Erdried, her darke and evil identical twin.

But of course, Harxe, the rigid and morally ambiguous government agent, had not a care for her pleas that she wasn’t the culprit. It was Harxe, the subject of her strongly conflicted emotions, who was on her trail this very moment.

Diglett quickly ducked into an alley as the thumping, muscular footsteps of Harxe ran past. Dieghda felt her heart pounding, or rather she would have felt it pounding if she still had a beating heart. She removed it decades ago, but sometimes, in times like this of high stress and also danger, she almost could feel it. “Psh,” sighed Diagonal. “As if I could ever feel anything every again…” Deadig rose from the ground and started running when she suddenly heard a voice. But it wasn’t just any voice. Daddyd spun on her heel, her raven obsidian hair spinning in the wind around her and her leather stilettos clacking against the dry, dead rose petals that was blowing in the breeze. “THAT’S…MY VOICE!!” screamed Decahedron. “And that’s NOT my name!!!!” The figure came out of the shadows and it was her…“It’s me…” Deydey shrieked….”It’s YOU…My evil twin!! Erdhgied!!” Eggydad spun on her heel, her ebony crystal hair flowing.

“Foolish…you fell right for my trap. No wonder Percival left you.” Adeledre could feel her undead blood boiling. “Percvial didn’t leave me, I killed HIM.” Edaphic grinned, her crimson lipstick shimmering in the darkness.

“Keep telling yourself that. Now watch.” And Deidra turned around. And she saw her. Ardeyd. But she wasn’t alone.

And Ardeeeyd spun her cloak around her, with dark bats, bats as dark as ink from a 9mm Bic Pen fluttering out from the darkness, bats which flew to a moonlight as round as soccer ball minus the hexagonal splotches. And there he was.

Percivius Ruckerticktus the Foruth twice removed. Her old lover. The person that made her breath stop, more stopped than it already was stopped, because she was a vampire, you see. The person she was accused of having officially killed.

On cue, sirens started in the background. Harxe, the man that had been hoodwinked by the evil Aerdyeeed, was closing in.“Not a lot of time.” Umdeed said. “Make your choice”.

And Deydra looked upon Percivius’s face and impulsively made her decision. She dove straight for him as Aerdye nimbly spun and sidestepped her, gracefully spinning like a praying mantis having just decapitated her mate, and snatched the book that Deeydrah had left unguarded. With a laugh as mellifluous as suckle honey, Ardruid dissappeard with a flash of lightning.

Deedums cursed herself for her impulsive decision, but Percyve was alive and safe. But the book was lost. She looked down at Percyvies, about to reprimand him for getting captured, but alas she was not looking at Percyvies.

She was looking down at Harxe.