Dierdre felt an icy chill of dread infuse her gut, turning her already deathly cold skin even colder. For Diere had realized that she would have to find a job. And though Dieder had many skills due to her unique abilities and the challenging experiences she had undergone, these would not prepare her. For Deedee’s entire life had been centered around Vampyre Slayer, which was her one true Calling, passed down through generations of her family. Even when this slight and frail looking yet icely beautiful girl had been turned into a vampyre by her former Lover, she continued to slay the very ones she was now one of.

But this was different. For she had to find a job in the Other World, that of the those who where Ungifted, who didn’t even know vampyres existed. And yet, after all but one, him, had turned against her and driven her from all havens, she had nowhere to turn. So she found herself in front of this “Help Wanted” sign on a quaint coffee shop. Coffee was, truly, an unknown concept this raven haired girl.

Dodoro looked down at her beauteous resume. It was written in the blood of her enemies on parchment made of the skin of lovers who had betrayed her. She slowly licked each of the two entries: “Vampire. 1,833 years. Duties: sapping the life force of innocents.” “Vampire hunter. 1,832 years. Duties: slaying the Ungodly.” It tasted of drivel and lotion. It tasted of the apprehension associated with changing her path, her path that had been Written, but from which she was now straying like a ghoul who has realized his husband-to-be has been a mere mortal all along. Slowly and sensually, Diphtheria folded her resume into the shape of a pentagram, sending her wicked yet alluring life force down her arms and through her fingertips into the very fibres of its being. Nobody would be able to resist Dramaturgy when their eyes absorbed the delicious and sensual writing on the page.

Deidra walked away from coffee house, determined not to let the passion that was slowly building up inside her cloud her judgement. She was on a mission, and she was going to do it. “Oh Deedums.”His voice was warm and husky, like a melted dark chocolate pudding. She turned slowly, her very small inner goddess swaying in a gently anxious samba. “You forgot something in my… office” He said with a succulent pause and licked his engorged lips with a lick that stopped earth and time. “Why don’t you come back in and get it?” And like that he fixed her with an impaling stare that stabbed her deeply, pierced her soul, and punctured her will. For a fraction of a second, they lock eyes, and the Earth shifts slightly on its axis. She knows she should oppose him. She also knows she was powerless to resist him.“Of course”

But she quit. A breeze blew past her and carried black rose petals along as it swept through her hair. Rhododendron almost thought her heart was pounding but then she remembered that she her heart hasn’t beat since she last saw her former lover, Percivius VI. She spun on her heel as she walked along the graveyard beach. The ocean breeze smelled like death and she loved it. Diddire arrived at the building, a red obsidian glass building with two suited beings standing outside. Her new job. One being was…”Percivius??” deidgeri shrieked. He looked surprised, then angry, then lustful. “SHE’S the one taking MY job, John?” The woman (John) smirked and said “yeah, she is. Do you have a problem with that?” She flexed and her muscles tore through her shirt and Deirdaddy felt the blood rush to her face…She cooly walked by Percivius. John put her soft yet firm hand on her shoulder. “Welcome to The Helltown Coffee Shop.”.