After receiving concerns regarding the new, position of Community Advisors and its potential for undermining self-gov, the Administration—with the aim of reinforcing self-gov—decided to institute a new Greek system on campus. Sororities and fraternities are making their way to the Jewel of the Prairie.

Assistant Directing Supervisor of Residence Life Thomas Jenning said, “The first annual Room Rush, formerly known as Room Draw, will take place in Harris on April 24th. We were thinking of holding it this Sunday, but we decided that might be slightly too little notice. We’ve instituted this change in order to give students more arbitrary power in selecting which students live in what residence halls, in order to make up for their new lack of power in determining their own community standards.”

Continued Jennings, “Before Room Rush, we will have to re-name all of the dorms, which will then become Greek houses. So far, we haven’t finalized all of the new names, but Gates will become Gamma Gamma Gates, Cleveland will be Clevelambda, and Rathje will be RathChi. Since the organizations will not be subdivided by gender, all dorms will henceforth become ‘elitist living communities’, or ‘elc’s’.”

Instead of the old system of random number based Room Draw, rooms will be determined according to a speed recruitment adapted from the processes followed by mainstream Greek organizations.

However, Eli Royce ’16, Room Rush Intern, said “there are definitely some changes to reflect Grinnell’s unique vibe. In just a single day, current students will attend mini-events including study breaks, tabling, study breaks, meetings, and study breaks sponsored by the various elitist living communities; interview with alumni, long dead and ghostly, and current members of each elitist living community. They will then receive a ‘bid’ from theses representatives, and finally they will choose a room located in the pledged community. “

Students across the college seem excited about the change.

Sally Park ’19 said “I had a horrible room number and it’s possible I won’t do well bid wise either, but at least now I will be arbitrarily and cruelly judged by my peers instead of some Administration computer.”