JRC 101 - Last week, the club—that is, the club of Grinnell College Trustees—went up on a Thursday as a van full of (what else?) Grinnell College Trustees rolled up to the JRC. They arrived right on time for a Last week, the Grinnell College Club of Trustees was treated to a weekend of networking with current students, the first event of the 3-day-long career-oriented fieldtrip at Grinnell. The networking evening was specifically designed with the aim of introducing Trustees to a wide variety of students with all majors and backgrounds, thus better preparing the Trustees for the professional world.

“I’m very excited to speak with experts in my goal career, especially the first-year students who seem to be very decisive in their respective fields,” said Trustee Nathan Holman ’79, making his way to second floor of the Jow Rowselfeeld Centre and sporting his trusty scarlet and black tee, which he hopes “will make me more approachable and networkable as opposed to those dressed in classic business attire.”

Other Trustees seemed to be less sure of their future professions, but were equally ready to mix and mingle. Sandra Foster ’82 gave snippets of her “elevator speech” to anyone who would listen: “As an Undeclared Trustee, I like to say that I am a sponge: soaking up as much knowledge and career advice from potential students as I possibly can!”

Surely, she was not disappointed, as the 2nd floor was three times over its capacity with current students hoping to bestow their wisdom on the Trustees. “It’s all about loving what you do, then you won’t have to call it work,” revealed panelist Joe King ’17, much to the wonder of the Trustees, many of whom recorded insights such as this on professional legal pads. “Yes, and it’s important to not keep all of your eggs in one basket. In our interdisciplinary era, one should uphold the values of the liberal arts and gain as many skills as possible in order to be marketable, as well as selecting work that does not force you to wake up at 8AM I’M LOOKING AT YOU TUTORIAL” lectured Ell O. L. ‘16 during the small group session.

Overall, the networking event not only exposed Trustees to a real-world setting in the politically-correct, isolated Grinnell Bubble, but also allowed for students to reminisce on their time at Grinnell. “Every time I have the chance to share my life experience with Trustees, I am reminded of the best six months of my life as a Grinnellian,” reflected a misty-eyed Hillary Laris ’19.