Ever since the disbandment of Chainz, a Grinnell tradition, many students faced a quandary.

“I depend on Chainz to find any and all hookups,” Tyrone Wells ’16 explained. “For the past three years, I’ve waited outside for girls to leave Chainz disappointed with their match. And then I’d flirt with them!”

However, with the dissolution of Chainz came a new opportunity: gHarmony.

“We thought it might be more fun for the students to get pick each other, because college students always make great decisions,” gHarmony creator Gabriela Munoz ‘16 explained as they sifted through the three applications the organization eventually received. “Everyone’s using Tinder and Match.com, so we decided that gHarmony could be a fun and more intimate way to allow Grinnellians to make absolute messes out of their love lives in a community too small to avoid anyone on campus for more than 24 hours. Besides, there’s free pizza, and pizza is everyone’s favorite valentine.”

And indeed, love is in the air. And gHarmony may be the reason why.

“After I heard about gHarmony, I decided just to go up to my crush and ask him out! It was way easier than submitting a list and waiting for a week.” Siobhan Falls ’19 gushed as she gazed into her date’s eyes at Relish. “Thanks, gHarmony!”

Many students have decided that it’s simply easier to speak to their potential hookup than to fill out a form. This decision has sparked a movement on campus. Other students decided to try a more old-fashioned route.

“I can’t talk to people,” Greg Rodriguez ’17 explained. “So I just wrote this dude a note and asked him to circle either Yes or No if he wanted to go to Frank with me. Best! Night! Ever!” (He rushed off before revealing whether or not his prospective date had accepted the invitation.)

One slight downside to this revolution is that no one attended the gHarmony event on Saturday, February 13. But even this had its perks.

“No one showed up, so we just hung out in the gym and ate the pizzas we’d bought,” Munoz explained. “And one of my fellow coordinators finally asked me out!”