KUIPER BELT - The College has recently introduced a brand-new Off Campus Study opportunity available starting Fall 2016: Grinnell-In-Space. The first of its kind, GIS aims to expose participants to the harsh realities of the universe while they take rigorous, engaging courses in nearly any subject. Open to any and all majors, the GIS curriculum includes intriguing offerings such as Black Hole Postmodernism, Planetary Analysis, Introduction to Gravity, How to Moonwalk, Cosmopolitan Societies, and Caring For Your Vacuum 101. “I’ve already been everywhere on Earth either in person or on Pinterest, so Grinnell-In-Space seemed like a perfect fit,” gushes future semesteronaut Karlie Poger ’18, intended Anthropology major. She hopes to,“compare different galactic locations with and without culture, and discover how the absence of culture is manifested in this vast space we call the universe.”

Other recently accepted GIS participants seem equally enthusiastic to expand their horizons. Mateo Barlett ’17 has quite the laundry list of #spacegoals: “I’m a Biochem major concentrating in American Studies, so I’m very excited to see the flag on the moon with my own eyes, while also researching how high organisms (i.e., me) can jump across craters under the influence of various grades of ‘moon dust’.”

Of course, just like the other integrated OCS programs (Grinnell-in-Washington and Grinnell-in-London), Grinnell-In-Space classes will be taught mostly by Grinnell faculty. Says one future professornaut who wishes to remain anonymous, “The main reason why I accepted this faculty position at Grinnell was primarily due to its isolated location full of peace and quiet. However, I have recently felt that Iowa is not isolated enough. Therefore, by going into space, I will be able to continue doing what I love in a place free from pressure. And air pressure.”

Perhaps one of its most valuable advantages, GIS offers students stellar contact with alumni. The networking opportunities in outer space are some of the most abundant around. “I have already been in radio contact with many mentors and potential career advisers that happen to be light years away!” exclaims Randa Higgins ’18. “I’m very confident that Grinnell-In-Space will allow me to follow my dreams and reach for the stars.”