Dheidra looked around her, hair cascading over her pale shoulders and bouncing off her somber skin. Her melancholy knew no bounds. In her youth, before the transformation, she had enjoyed summer camp and the carefreeness of running around like an unleashed creature of the deep, but now she could only look on with nostalgia, unable to relive her youth, before the transformation. The sun made it too dangerous for her to venture into the summer camp, since it threatened to ruin her complexion. For now she could only look on at the happy summer goers, envying their happiness and ability to properly tan.

But then, she saw him. The wereman she was looking for. The reason she was here. Percival Rufuctious the Fourth, the wereman who had who had impregnated her best friend’s sister’s cousin whilst still holding amicable conversation with her father’s brother in-law’s nephew and who was conspiring with the US government to bring about the end of all vampiric, nonvampiric, and semivampiric life. The man she was also madly in love with.The man she was sent here to kill.

She realized in a split second moment of awareness that she needed allies and –dare she say it – friends. But how could Dieder even attempt to make friends in such a place as this. After all, Deerdre, though she would never say this to even her own dearest Jasper, where he still alive and not dead after being undead, was neither a vampyre or a human but a mystical combined being who was more powerful than anyone else in the world but was also truly lonely and was doomed to not fit in wherever she went, despite all the wandering she frequently did.

Still, somehow Dehdeh would find an ally. She scanned the faces of the other campers and saw her. Durdre was not sure what made her stand out. She was not tall or short, not pretty or ugly, not very fierce looking, and had no aura (for Dierdragh could sense such things) of extreme intelligence or Power. In fact, the girl in question was much like you and me. But Dierdrau knew that this girl would aide her at crucial moments. Due to Deardra’s disarming honestly and refreshingly bleak perspective on life, her and Sally – as the girl was in fact named, soon were allies and – dare it even be said – friends. Together they prepared to handle the looming danger.

Suddenly Dreidle realized what she had to do. She slithered out of her 45% goose down and nylon sleeping bag in the dusky night, and did a perfect graceful backflip onto the floor from the top bunk with her pale skin glistening in the moonlight through the window behind her. Nobody else in the cabin stirred. She smiled real sultry to herself.

Dreedee swished her cloak around her and turned into a silky midnight-coloured bat, then flew out of the window behind her. The moonlight silhouetted her batty and yet sensuous bodily shape. It was a full moon. A full moon full of promise and anticipation and possibility. Dddddddd chortled into the wind and turned back into a human.

She crept into the woods. Her new lover was still there, waiting for her beauteous self. But her new lover was soon to be her old lover. Her very old lover. Her ancient lover. Breathing in the humid air that was thick with the mossy spores and cricket chirps of the night, Dieria murmured the magical incantation word: “Scolex.” Right before her human but sometimes batty eyes, her lover withered into an old and shriveled husk of a person. Now she was ready to leave summer camp.