GARDNER - Grinnell is known for hosting the best in indie music in free concerts for students. Here are seven we’re extra excited to see take the stage:

  1. DJ L0Inss: The leading name in the Jersey Club genre offshoot New Hampshire Club, DJ L0Inss brings that infamous Concord bass sound to your night’s soundtrack of Dionysian indulgence and disreputable debauchery. The B&S staff fully recommends you come damage your inner ear to DJ L0Inss electronic bleeps and bloops.

  2. Brynnen and the Blood Tears: The Blood Tears’ 2014 LP “I Guess It’s Supposed To Sound Like Mostly Fuzz” was deemed one of the best albums of the year by Pitchfork, Stereogum, The Fader, and that one guy who chain smokes American Spirits alone outside high street parties.

  3. The Flannelbeards: Minneapolis folk rock outfit The Flannelbeards are definitely the most notable act in the Civil War Reenactorwave scene. Their jams will surely have you romanticizing an era in which people regularly contracted typhoid fever.

  4. Young Drill: We’re incredibly stoked for this up-and-coming rapper/alleged Drake ghostwriter! Being the visibly most popular name on this year’s lineup, we’re extremely excited for all of the Grinnell student body to sweatily converge on Gardner for a lyrically inaudible 14.5 minute long set.

  5. Omnibuzz Cross Eternelle: This experimental electronic producer has been making major waves across the internet blogsphere with his critically and singularly acclaimed “unjustifiably dissonant” sound. The B&S staff found his usage of smoothie blender samples to be particularly tasteful.

  6. Foyer Sigh: This lauded shoegaze dreamwave tweepop band will be gracing Gardner Lounge with their seriously buzzworthy 2015 singles “You Fill Me With Much Woe”, “I Want To Kiss You (But I’m Too Nervous)”, and “Of Course, This Night Was A Disaster”. The sonic equivalent of snorting a pixie stick, this band is a must see.

  7. The Band You Publicly Asked The Concerts Chair To Book Over Facebook: Congrats! You finally made it happen! You digitally groveled at the foot of the Concert Chair’s Facebook profile and successfully convinced them to bring in that one super fringe artist that you and a maximum of five other people enjoy! Your tactics worked and we’re all very excited.