JRC - Student organizations are trying out new strategies for hosting events for the college community.

Fiona Ott, a member of the Student Alumni Council, said “It’s common knowledge among those involved in student organizations that the only study breaks you go to are the ones which you are hosting. A study break isn’t something you can plan, it’s something that happens at 2 a.m on Thursday night when you type in Netflix.com without thinking about it.”

Ott continued, “Because of this, the Student Alumni Council and a lot of other organizations are trying a new strategy. Next Wednesday night we are hosting a SAC study! Come silently interact with fellow students and SAC members on the fourth floor of Burling! We will be handing out free pens and pencils, and we will provide a few extension cords for charging laptops!”

Others have similar plans. Ryan Wu, a Student Affairs staff person, said “We just don’t know what to do with all of these extra pancakes! And the people over at PALS are getting angry at us, because apparently the stress level of the students has harmful spillover effects on the puppies. So we have decided at last minute to change the Puppies and Pancakes study break to an Espressos and Essays study break. Professors and Student Affairs staff will be there to hand-brew extra strong espressos for students, and the professors will remind kids when their upcoming essays are due.”

Class ambassadors have been following the same strategy. Posters have gone up for the Class of 2018-sponsored Stats 209 mentor session. Posters have been spotted for the Class of 2015 Last Chance Language Lab series.

In addition, according to Justin Gillen, who works at the pub, Lyle’s is trying a similar method to increase attendance. “We are starting to offer Pub Tests and Lectures in addition to our normal Pub Quizzes and Pub Talks. Basically, some professors have agreed to proctor tests and lectures in the Pub during our business hours, instead of in class, and they will have at least a $150 tab.”

Dining Services is also joining in offering alternatives to study breaks.

Wendy Jasper, a dining services permanent employee, said, “We just want to let everyone know that all of next week the Dining Hall will be hosting a Work Break! Take a break from all of that studying to work a 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. shift in the dining hall! It would be especially great if people took work breaks at Desserts, Vegan, and Stir Fry.”