The time had come at last. Dierdreigh was solemnly looking at her tear-stained vampiary, aka vampire diary, that she had kept all four years of Vampire Hunting Academy For Young Vampires. She realized how much she was going to miss roaming the halls of the academy, killing vampires. “Ha!” she said to herself, holding the diary as she walked down the hall towards the chamber of the final ceremony. “Ha! I remember killing Lionel Von Robbenstude, he tried to take me away from my dearest partridge, my one true love. How I miss him, my lover.”

Dedrei was wracked with suspense and worry. She approached the chamber and the silken professor, Elder Percivus Honeybranch, came up to her. He saw how tightly she was grasping the diary. “It never gets easier, child” he said in his dulcet low tones, his one blue and one red eye, the mark of a high Vampire Killer Vampire, shining out at her under the light of the moon. He was the youngest high Vampire Killer Vampire in six centuries.

“What does, Elder Honeybranch?”

“What doesn’t, dear. Never lose this” his long fingers grazed the spine of the book, sending a chill up her own spine.

But then she saw him. Deidra had always known that Percyval, her jealous ex-boyfriend vampire would come back to haunt her, but not in this fashion. How could Percyval possibly think that this would be the best place to propose? On her graduation? She was torn. Deidra’s heart belonged to her professor, she knew that. He knew that. Did Deidra? As she saw Percyval on one knee, she looked back in embarrassment, shame, and in denial of the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. As she looked back, her heart froze in horror. Her professor, clad in full regalia, was walking towards them, stake in one hand and holy water in the other. If she had learned anything, it was that the combination of the two objects would destroy Percyval.

Deirdrah was both excited and dreadfully nervous. She thought to that fated day, that day of the last moon, meaning the last month. She was diswrought to leave her boyfriend. She told him, “You who I have called Percevale, my beloved, and who are still my beloved, I am so forlorn and distressed to be apart from you as I graduate from my now old home. But there is naught I can do as I must go and hunt the other vampires, vampires who are not myself, and rid this world of the scourge of vampires. He had turned himself away from her, however and in fact was not even gazing upon her, but instead upon Professor Elder Honeybranch

Deighrede spun around to face her two loves, ebony hair glimmering. The cherry blooms were in bloom and they blew around. If she still had a heart (she removed it, thus removed her only weakness as a vampire) it would be beating really hard because she was nervous and excited. She sighed and tucked her hair back. “Move, babe, I got this” growled the voice of Perceyvel. She spun around, again in the opposite direction and her crimson red eyes widened as she saw him. “It’s him,” she whispered quitely to Honeybranch, their old teacher. “It’s me,” Pirceval said, huskily, like he just came out of the woods. “I just came out of the woods,” he huffed. He was holding something behind his back and Dehdeer used her vampire senses to guess what it was. “Are those…for me?” Degighre asked. He showed her. It was a bouquet of pitch black roses with black leaves in a black vase. “I picked these for you,” he said, and held out his hands, which were bloody because of the thorns. “You were always my favorite.” Deighdare gasped. “Elder Honeybranch! You were always my favorite too.” She walked towards him. Slowly. And then she leaned in and kissed him, much to his surpise. “But I’m graduating,” deighdre whispered in his ear and she slapped the flowers on the ground and spun around. Then she felt the kick—not from the outside, but from the inside. She was pregnant!