About the B&S

The B&S satirical newspaper has a long and rich history, one shrouded in mystery. In fact, it is so shrouded in mystery that we have been unable to find any records telling us anything interesting about its history, and the only thing we could find were boring dates and other such useless facts and figures. But it is a fair to assume that the B&S was the illegitimate son of a powerful superhero and a beautiful witty princess, and its life has been filled with intrigue, treasure maps, seers, prophecies, fallacious prophecies, magic, the force, and every good thing imaginable. Right now, the B&S is taking a break from fighting the world of evil to fight the world of boredom and mundaneness, bringing humor and light to the dreary halls of Grinnell College.

The B&S boasts of being the only satirical newspaper on Grinnell College. Since this is a huge responsibility, the B&S has only enough energy to publish on a bi-weekly basis. We are affiliated with SPARC, the Stupidly Pompous And Radically boring Committee.

Come Write for Us

Even though the B&S has been doing this for a while, we are always looking for new sacrifices for Cthulhu young talent! Check out our writing section for details. No experience necessary – just show up to our meetings (every other Sunday, JRC220, 8PM), bounce around ideas, meet cool people, get paid for writing cool articles, laugh disdainfully at the plebeians who don’t know about us. You know, the usual.

Current Editors

Sophie Kornbluh ’16

Aaron Weerasinge ’17

Abraham Mhaidli ’17

Nina Galanter ’18


fakepapr@grinnell.edu - hit us up for more info, if you have any articles you want to send in, or if you just want to chat!

Our offices are in JRC 220. Come by and say hi!


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